Parents’ Bill of Rights

Parental participation in children's education is the most effective way we hold schools and policymakers accountable for delivering the best education possible to our children. Know your rights!

As a parent or legal guardian, you have the power to choose the best education for your child. Know your rights! Fight for policies in your state that protect your ability to make the best educational decisions for your child.  

  1. You have the right to take an active role in your child’s education. 
  2. You have the right to choose a school that meets the health and education needs of your child.
  3. Your taxpayer money should follow your child to the school of your choice. 
  4. Your geographic location should not dictate the quality of your child’s education. 
  5. Decisions regarding your child’s education should not be made without your input. 
  6. Schools should be evaluated on overall student improvement, not just standardized test scores. 
  7. School administrators must respond to your enrollment request in a timely manner.
  8. School administrators cannot create unnecessary enrollment barriers.
  9. If your child is succeeding in the school of your choice, they can’t be forced to leave.