Fighting for a better educational system that puts parents at the center.

We believe theres a better way to educate children in America, and it starts with giving parents a choice in their child’s education.
What We Do

Promoting policies that remove barriers to school options.

We envision a world where every family has the freedom to choose the best education for their child. We empower families across the country to mobilize in support of policies that allow children to thrive in the classroom setting best suited to their needs.
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Know Your Rights

Parent's Bill of Rights

Parental participation in children's education is the most effective way we hold schools and policymakers accountable for delivering the best education possible to our children. Know your rights!
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The Issues


Remote Testing

States need to allow virtual students to take high-stakes tests in the setting in which they are most comfortable.
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Expand the National School Lunch Program for Virtual Students

The National School Lunch Program must be updated to expand free lunch benefits to virtual public school students. 
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Open Enrollment

Public school open enrollment policies help the greatest number of students.
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Money Follows the Child

Education money should follow the student to the school of their choice.
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