February 29, 2024

February Capitol Days

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What’s a Rich Text element?

What’s a Rich Text element?

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PSO Capitol Day events are in full swing across the country! Families in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Georgia celebrated their school choice option by rallying, writing letters to their legislators, and meeting with lawmakers and legislative staff in-person at their state capitol. Check out the highlights from each event below!

Colorado Cyber Families

PSO Board President Letrisha Weber made the trip from Indianapolis to speak at Colorado Cyber Families' Capitol Day at the Capitol.
2024 Golden Apple Award Recipients (from left to right): State Representatives Rose Pugliese and Barbara McLachlan, and State Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Paul Lundeen.

Oklahoma Parents for School Options

Oklahoma Capitol Day 2024 was a huge success! We had a great turnout this year with just under 400 people in attendance at the Oklahoma History Center where families learned about the importance of standing up for their school choice option.


PSO Board Treasurer Wei Barr was the keynote speaker at the event and had a powerful message on courage to share with parents and students. In addition, Sen. Kristen Thompson and Rep. Dick Lowe were presented with Golden Apple Awards in support of all that they have done for educational freedom over the last year.


Families from Insight School had the opportunity to learn about a last-minute bill proposal (HB 3551) which would eliminate online alternative education programs, putting the educational futures of their students in jeopardy. On a positive note, the Senate proposed a bill (SB 1895) that would correct this problem once and for all.  


Additionally, all virtual schools in attendance at our Capitol Day encouraged their legislators to support SB1904 which would allow remote testing for online schools to take place in a student’s chosen instructional location.  


Thank you to all the families who attended Oklahoma Capitol Day! We will continue to keep you updated on these bills as they through the legislature.

- Chase Eskelsen, Oklahoma Parents for School Options Field Director

Families writing letters to their legislators.
PSO Board Treasurer Wei Barr made the trip from her home state of Tennessee to speak at the event.
Wei Barr presents a Golden Apple Award to State Representative Dick Lowe.
State Representative Dick Lowe
Wei Barr with State Representative Dick Lowe
Wei Barr presents a Golden Apple Award to State Senator Kristen Thompson.
State Senator Kristen Thompson
Wei Barr with State Senator Kristen Thompson.
Families enjoying the Oklahoma History Center.

Oregon Virtual Public Schools Alliance

OVPSA presenting a Golden Apple Award to State Representative Emily McIntire.
OVPSA presents a Golden Apple Award to Representative Tracy Cramer.
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