April 3, 2024

ICYMI: PSO Announces Scholarship Winners

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What’s a Rich Text element?

What’s a Rich Text element?

What’s a Rich Text element?

What’s a Rich Text element?
What’s a Rich Text element?

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Drum roll please! PSO is thrilled to announce the finalists for the PSO Scholarship Program! Out of 188 submissions, the PSO Board has selected 13 finalists who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to their education.

But don't just take our word for it, check out their powerful stories below!

$2,500 Award: Grady Logue, Kentucky, Accellus Academy

Grady Logue, $2,500 Scholarship Recipient

For Grady Logue, leaving traditional high school for online learning led to self-discovery, overcoming struggles, and finding purpose through work and exploration. His inspiring story of how virtual education can empower personal growth won him the top $2,500 scholarship.

“Since middle school, I’ve known I was different from other kids. I never understood why. Being an effeminate boy is a unique struggle not many truly understand.

I wish for my fellow students to take advantage of the amazing opportunities they have every day. Not most teenagers have the time to explore their world the way we can. Online school has led me through vast self-exploration and brought me to be the person that I am today.”

$1,000 Award: Allison Chow, California, Connecting Waters Charter School

In her video essay, Allison Chow of Connecting Waters Charter School, shares all of her opportunities and accomplishments while attending a virtual #CharterSchool (taking college level courses, interning at local companies, and leading a girls summer camp - just to name a few!)

$1,000 Award: Emma Holbrook, Ohio, Ohio Virtual Academy

Emma Holbrook has attended online school since kindergarten. She excelled academically, earning a Japanese minor at the University of Toledo in her junior year of high school. Flexible schedules and a strong curriculum shaped her success at Ohio Virtual Academy. Emma plans to continue her academic journey at the University of Toledo and become a speech-language pathologist!

Emma Holbrook, $1,000 Scholarship Recipient

$1,000 Award: Guadalupe Martinez-Pio, Washington, Washington Virtual Academy

For Guadalupe Martinez-Pio a Leukemia diagnosis led to online schooling, which became a catalyst for personal growth, academic success, and resilience despite adversity. Her advice to students is to set realistic goals, communicate with teachers, and explore passions to thrive.

"Life often takes unexpected turns, challenging our resilience and determination. My personal journey with leukemia became a defining chapter, reshaping my educational path and encouraging personal growth. Forced to attend online school due to my health condition, this experience not only allowed me to continue my academic journey but also became a catalyst for self-discovery and success."

Guadalupe Martinez-Pio, $1,000 Scholarship Recipient

$1,000 Award: Hanna Choi, Colorado, Colorado Preparatory Academy

The flexibility of online learning allowed Hanna Choi to chart her own academic course, set ambitious goals, overcome challenges, and engage in community activities beyond the traditional classroom. This journey led Hanna to become valedictorian, and gain valuable experiences as a tech coach and NASA- funded Space Grant Research program participant, and ultimately experience profound personal growth.

"As the valedictorian of my high school, I quickly learned that goal-setting and time management were crucial to success. The flexibility of the online format went beyond academics; it was an invitation to explore additional responsibilities and extracurricular opportunities. Venturing into community volunteering and employment, I utilized past certifications to serve as a tech coach at a local library, promoting technological literacy. The experience I gained from these endeavors led to my involvement with a NASA-funded Space Grant Research program through my concurrent enrollment."

$1,000 Award: Victor Pineda-Tinocco, Texas, Texas Online Preparatory School

Victor Pineda-Tinocco shares in his video essay all his accomplishments as an online learning student including volunteering as an English tutor for students in Ukraine and Indonesia and digital marketing internship opportunities.

$500 Award: Amanda Barnes-Pierotti, Ohio, Ohio Virtual Academy

In her essay, online learning student Amanda Barnes-Pierotti shared how her unique educational jounrey opened up academic opportunities like taking college classes early and joining honor societies, as well as personal growth in developing her values, leadership, and community involvement. Amanda encourages fellow students to not be afraid to explore a different educational path, as it can lead to becoming the best version of oneself.

Amanda Barnes-Pierotti, $500 Scholarship Recipient

$500 Award: Justin Henshaw, Louisiana, Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

Justin Henshaw's life took an unexpected turn due to moving, the impact of COVID-19, and a diagnosis of Tourette's Syndrome. Justin persevered, finding that online schooling, gaming, music production, and songwriting helped manage their Tourette's and allowed their talents to shine, leading to unexpected opportunities. Justin's life is now on a trajectory they never thought possible, demonstrating that it is the difficult experiences in life that can open us up to new and unexpected opportunities.

Justin Henshaw, $500 Scholarship Recipient

$500 Award: Macy Miller, Alabama, Alabama Virtual Academy at Eufala

Macy Miller's transition to attending an online public high school was initially marked by anxiety and uncertainty about moving, making new friends, and adjusting to the self-directed nature of online learning. However, Macy quickly adapted and found that the flexibility and independence of online schooling allowed her to learn more effectively, avoid distractions, and gain valuable real-world experience through a part-time job.

Macy Miller, $500 Scholarship Recipient

$500 Award: Melissa Powell, Massachusetts, Greater Commonwealth Virtual School

Melissa Powell shared in her essay how she has felt in charge of her learning, with the flexibility to work at her own pace while still receiving structure, accountability, and support from teachers. Melissa encourages incoming freshmen to embrace the opportunities for making friends and exploring diverse interests that an online high school can provide.

"Personally, I have felt like I have been in charge of my learning experience. The classes on my schedule each semester provide structure to my day and my state-certified teachers provide accountability, insight, and encouragement, but I have the flexibility to work at my own pace. I drive my own education, reaching out to teachers for resources, setting goals for myself, and planning my day for optimal performance. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I experienced a consistent education. The freedom to explore elective courses that match my interest in art has given me direction for my planned college major in digital multimedia design."

$500 Award: Natalee Ramon, Texas, Texas Virtual Academy at Hallsville

Natalee Ramon shares in her video essay how online learning has helped her set the necessary steps in achieving her short and long-term goals, in addition to prompting a journey of self-discovery. Natalee says online learning has helped her to "learn who I am before the world can tell me who to be."

$500 Award: Passion Carlson, Washington, Washington Virtual Academy

Passion Carlson's high school experience was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to challenges with online schooling, personal losses, and struggles with motivation and mental health. However, Passion's senior year was a turning point, with her regaining a passion for learning, successfully completing a full course load, and looking forward to college with renewed enthusiasm. Passion credits the support of teachers and online education for enabling this transformation and encourages other students to believe in themselves and communicate their needs in order to succeed.

"My family and I were rendered homeless in 2021 as a result of the pandemic. My aunt Bridgette passed away due to contracting COVID in 2019 , she was one of the earliest recorded cases of the disease. Then my beloved grandmother Dee, who played a significant role in shaping me into the person I am today, also passed away from COVID induced blood clots in 2021. She instilled in me the belief that I could complete my education...I could go more into the more traumatic parts of it, but I do not want this essay to be sad, I want to share how I got my spark back in learning. Online education afforded me the opportunity to recognize the vast array of possibilities available. Without the benefits of online learning, I would not have been able to accomplish the various accomplishments I have achieved thus far."

$500 Award: Yasmine Blackshear, Pennsylvania, Insight PA Cyber Charter School

In her essay, Jasmine Blackshear shares the initial benefits of online school which included flexibility and the ability to better accommodate health issues. Despite current obstacles in finding socialization, Jasmine has decided to continue with online education in order to prioritize her education.

"Along with being able to treat my health issues, switching to an online school came with many other positives such as having teachers who were better suited to my learning style, being able to easily obtain 1-on-1 time with my teachers, and being granted more flexibility with my schedule, which, undoubtedly increased my grades and my ability to learn and comprehend what was being taught to me."

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